Feb 22, 2021
New line of tomatoes offered by Vitalis Organic Seeds

Vitalis Organic Seeds recently announced a newly developed breed of tomatoes in its Mixologist Collection, now available to growers in the United States.

Mixologist is being marketed as “the perfect mix of … old-world goodness with a twist of modern world traits,” according to a news release.

The showcase series – which includes a variety of colors with varieties Cubalibre, Marsalato, Ginfiz and Maitai –delivers high marketable yields and impressive post-harvest traits with “full-bodied shapes,” according to Vitalis. The company first bred the seeds in Italy.

The Mixologist Collection line up is:

  • CubaLibre is a deep round purple tomato that combines excellent productivity and quality. CubaLibre is sweet tasting with a smooth texture, and the tomatoes are very resistant to cracking and pair well with MaiTai for an attractive display
  • GinFiz combines the flavor, texture, and color of Striped German tomato.  GinFiz is proving to be a strong display mixer in tomato displays with golden tops that blends at shoulders and pops with a brightly contrasting bottom and are delicious.
  • MaiTai is an attractive yellow round tomato with a delicate red blush at the blossom end. The eating quality of this variety won us over in our trials, with a sweet, tangy flavor and melt-in-your-mouth texture.
  • Marsalato This unique Marmande tomato originates from our specialty breeding program in Italy, a storybook traditionally red tomato with deeply ribbed shoulders, a shiny exterior, and a small blossom scar. Marsalato offers a crisp texture and a tangy flavor.

“The Mixologist Collection is being marketed to retailers and wholesalers for its unique ability to address some of the handling issues related to traditional heirloom varieties.  All four varieties within the collection address the desired artisan quality of high color/shape options while offering a hearty fruit that easily withstands merchandising and handling for retailers, meaning less overall shrink,” according to a news release from the company. “Its disease-resistant packaging is highly resistant to leaf mold. Competitive-quality firm fruit withstand handling and while size uniformity increases marketability.”

Vitalis Organic Seeds, a division of Enza Zaden, produces nearly 500 certified organic varieties distributed in over 35 countries, focused on regional adaptation of premium genetics through 12 local research stations around the world. In the US and Canada, Vitalis produces more than 150 certified organic varieties, including regionally adapted varieties of vegetables and culinary herbs from research stations, in Myakka, Florida and San Juan Bautista, California.

Vitalis Organic Seeds certificates and non-GMO statement can be found on the About Vitalis page at http://www.vitalisorganic.com.


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