Aug 30, 2022
New AI technology enhances precision farming, boosts sustainability

OneSoil has launched OneSoil Map, a data visualization and mapping solution that combines proprietary AI with satellite imagery, providing live data and rich insights to understand the state of crops.

Built with Mapbox Globe, OneSoil Map enables agricultural businesses to visualize massive worldwide datasets, understand how crop yields are trending over time, and delivers insights at an unprecedented global scale. The technology that enables OneSoil Map also powers OneSoil application, a digital tool that helps farmers remotely monitor the state of crops, quickly detect field issues, work with productivity zones and apply variable-rate fertilizers and seeds, thus increasing yields and boosting sustainable farming practices.

OneSoil technology helps drive precision farming that addresses this need by helping farmers to invest resources intelligently to increase yields and boost sustainability. Farmers can use the data driven insights to work intelligently with field productivity zones, reduce the impact to the environment and help mitigate food security concerns, especially in regions heavily impacted by drought, flooding, or other disasters.

Jiri Neuzil, a farmer from the Czech Republic, increased yield by 20% for barley and 40% for mustard. “We used variable-rate maps from the OneSoil web app to prevent lodging, which is the displacement of crops from their vertical stance due to stem buckling. In hilly areas, we didn’t apply too much nitrogen. Nitrogen goes downhill with rain, leading to over-fertilization of lower area and laying down of crops. New tactics worked well, and we saw an increase in yield.”

According to OneSoil, last year, their technology enabled the saving of 2,800 tons of fertilizers and 4,500 tons of CO2 emissions.

“Mapbox 3D globe enables OneSoil to process and visualize an enormous amount of worldwide geographic data and deliver powerful insights to the farming industry in a way that boosts sustainability and helps farmers to accurately forecast and optimize crop yields.” said Will White, principal evangelist at Mapbox.

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