Feb 4, 2021
Lundberg Family Farms updates its logo, website and products

Lundberg Family Farms recently announced an updated look and feel for its 84-year-old brand.

The company is formally debuting a new logo, a refreshed website, the next generation of leading company experts, and a new snack hitting grocery aisles nationwide.

“We are excited to share this new chapter in the Lundberg story—one that reflects our rice farming roots while cultivating our relationship with a new generation of Lundberg consumers,” Vice President of Marketing Susan Shields said in a news release.

An organic rice grower, Lundberg Family Farms in 2020 was recognized as an organic pioneer by the Rodale Institute, in addition to being named Grower of the Year in December 2019 by California Certified Organic Farmers and the Organic Produce Network.

Here are some of the changes the company recently rolled out:

A clear identity and interface
The company is introducing a clear and contemporary logo design, which is being rolled out on all new packaging nationwide. The pared-down logo with a Heritage Blue badge and rice panicle was created to resonate with today’s grocery shoppers. This is the seventh iteration of the Lundberg logo in the company’s 84-year history, and its first redesign in 20 years. The logo has evolved from the Lundberg name in block letters on bags of milled rice in the 1960s to a woodcut portrait of the founding brothers in the 1980s to a pastoral farm scene in 2001. The badge shape was first introduced in 1994. Today, the iconic rice panicles remain in a larger, simplified form of the badge that was designed with the farm-to-table experience in mind.

Visitors to Lundberg.com are invited to experience an up-close-and-personal, dynamic interaction with the brand. Matching the contemporary look and feel of the new logo, the updated site features intuitive functionality and navigation to videos, a new blog, and an expanded format to share Lundberg’s rich history, unique grains, sustainability initiatives, and family of products. The site also includes inspirational, mouthwatering recipes complete with photos, as well as details on where to buy each product. True rice fans can also opt into a new Lundberg e-newsletter to receive farm-fresh stories and recipes, influence new products, and get coupons delivered straight to their inboxes.

Meet the new voices of Lundberg Family Farms
Lundberg is also introducing the next generation of leading company voices:

Brita Lundberg, Marketing Coordinator and Family Storyteller. As a fourth-generation member of the Lundberg family, Brita is a resident expert on the brand’s rich history and heritage. After growing up on the farm, gaining experience in several departments at the company, and honing her writing skills in the New York publishing world, Brita has a deeply rooted knowledge of the Lundberg story and is excited to share the next chapter with a broad base of eco-conscious consumers.

Anders Lundberg, Grower Services Manager and Grain Whisperer. Anders has been farming since he could hold a shovel. As a fourth-generation Lundberg, he has an ingrained understanding of sustainable farming practices that prioritize soil health. His boots-on-the-ground experience is bolstered by a BS in crop science with minors in agribusiness and plant protection science. Plus, he’s already teaching the next generation of Lundbergs how to leave the land better than they found it so we can keep growing together for generations to come.

Matt Slem, Culinary Scientist and Rice Sommelier. Matt is Lundberg’s resident culinary scientist, grain guru, and rice cooking expert. Want to know what makes each Lundberg grain unique? Matt’s your man. His office is the kitchen at Lundberg’s Richvale headquarters, where he cooks up fresh recipes for all of Lundberg’s existing products and develops new products from the grain up! Matt is a trusted resource for quick tips and has plenty of tricks up his sleeve to help cooks of every comfort level “rice” to the occasion.

Introducing: Rice Cake Minis
In keeping with the spirit of innovation, Lundberg Family Farms is proud to introduce a “small” addition to their portfolio of guilt-free snacks: Organic Rice Cake Minis. Now available nationwide, Lundberg’s hexagon-shaped Rice Cake Minis offer a fresh take on a familiar classic. These aren’t the stale rice cakes you remember from the 1980s. Rice Cake Minis are thin, crispy, and come in five flavors: Sea Salt, White Cheddar, Apple Pie, Ginger Seaweed, and Buffalo Ranch. Ideal for families on the go or health-conscious snackers, Rice Cake Minis are meticulously crafted from rice developed in Lundberg’s nursery and nurtured in Lundberg’s fields. These delicious bite-sized snacks are also USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, 100% Whole Grain, and Certified Gluten-Free. Plus, Lundberg has partnered with TerraCycle to make sure Rice Cake Minis packaging can skip the landfill for a second life as durable plastic goods, like park benches. Lundberg Organic Rice Cake Minis are available in-store nationwide at 2,000+ major retailers, including Whole Foods, Wegmans, and more, as well as Amazon.com.

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