Mar 8, 2022
JV Smith Companies names Kristen Smith-Eshaya as president

JV Smith Companies has named Kristen Smith-Eshaya as its new president. She grew up alongside JV Smith Companies. Vic Smith will continue as CEO and chairman of the board.

JV Smith Companies began with the formation of Skyview Cooling Company by John Smith, Kristen’s grandfather. Together with his son, Vic, they established JV Farms in Yuma, Arizona. As the companies grew, so did their family. Both Kristen and her brother Kyle Smith have been an integral part of the company’s growth in recent years. Kyle leads Fresh Innovations, a JV Smith Companies entity.

Kristen graduated valedictorian at Yuma High School in 2003. Smith-Eshaya then went on to graduate with a B.A. in Economics, Colorado College, and a M.Ed in Human Relations, Northern Arizona University. Kristen lived in Texas and California, working in finance and development for the arts, before moving back home to immerse herself in the family business. Along with her husband Emil, they reside in Yuma with their two children.

Following in her father’s footsteps of service, Kristen has been involved with industry trade associations including having served on the Center for Growing Talent by PMA board of directors as well as the PMA Diversity and Inclusion Task Force. Smith-Eshaya is currently in the Western Growers Future Volunteer Leaders Program. Kristen currently serves on the Children’s Museum of Yuma County Board of Directors with a passion and focus on creating an interactive museum for children that includes Yuma’s agriculture story.

“I am honored and ready to lead our team,”┬áSmith-Eshaya said. “For the past 5 years, I have worked alongside some of the most intelligent, focused, selfless and passionate people I have ever met. We share a commitment to the industry, our team, the community and to the earth. With the collaborative approach our leadership team takes, the possibilities are endless.”

Vic shared his excitement to have his children leading the future of their family’s business, “Karen and I are so proud of our children and their accomplishments. They have a proven passion for what my dad started decades ago and to what I have dedicated my work life to, as well. Kristen has completely engrossed herself in the companies and our company culture. With her lifelong love for the industry, her commitment to our JV family and her drive, I am confident she will not only take on the President role with focus and determination but will continue to grow our team, our companies, and the industry.”

The JV Smith Companies family includes thousands of people across California, Arizona, Colorado and Mexico. Their companies include:

  • Skyview Cooling Co., Yuma, Arizona 1970
  • Southern Colorado Farms; Center, Colorado 1977
  • JV Farms; Yuma, Arizona and Bard, California 1988
  • Skyline Potato Company; Center, Colorado 1991
  • El Toro Agricola; Ciudad Morelos, Mexico 1992
  • Fresh Innovations, Yuma, Arizona 2001
  • JV Farms Organic;, Soledad, California 2012
  • Triangle Farms; Salinas, California 2018

To learn more about JV Smith Companies, visit or call Kristan Sheppeard at 928-246-9108 or email

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