Sep 23, 2020
In trials, OMRI-listed adjuvant reduces the rate of organic herbicides needed

Attune Agriculture recently made public results of trials for its OMRI-listed adjuvant, Ampersand.

Ampersand can reduce the use rate of organic herbicides by 50%, while maintaining the same level of performance as high use rates, according to a news release from the company.Attune Logo

Ampersand is formulated with hydrocolloids that provide superior deposition, adhesion, evaporation control and wash-off resistance. The result is less drift, more spray to the plant, more product on the plant, and more active ingredient in the plant, according to a news release from the company. Ampersand is registered for use in all 50 states.

According to the release:

Trials with three leading organic herbicides demonstrated that the addition of Ampersand is able to significantly boost the performance of costly active ingredients Comparison plots were sprayed with tank mixes containing Suppress at 6% alone and again with a significantly reduced rate of Suppress at 3% plus Ampersand. Both plots showed comparable results in weed control. Trials performed with Homeplate had remarkable results as well. Homeplate at a high use rate (6%) compared to a low use rate (3%) with the addition of Ampersand had the same level of control. In both trials, Ampersand was able to increase the level of performance of the 3% use rate to match the level of control at the 6% use rate.

Though very different in composition than Suppress and Homeplate, Ampersand’s performance with Weed Slayer was strong as well. Ampersand with a low use rate of Weed Slayer (1%) showed the same performance as Weed Slayer at a high use rate (2%).

Across the board, the addition of Ampersand allows an organic herbicide use rate reduction of 50%, and can reduce the overall treatment cost by 40% per acre.

“Ampersand allows organic herbicide usage at the lowest labeled rate while achieving performance and cost savings,” said Ed Quattlebaum, director of product development at Attune Agriculture. “Organic growers have limited options, all of which are costly. The addition of Ampersand to these herbicide spray programs just makes economical sense.”


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