Jul 31, 2020
Great Lakes EXPO to go virtual this December

For the first time ever, the Great Lakes Fruit, Vegetable Farm Market EXPO, which has featured an educational program dedicated to organic growers, will be virtual on Dec. 8-10, 2020.

“After running various scenarios, discussing options with the Amway Grand Hotel and DeVos Convention Center and investigating every possibility, the EXPO board has decided that the best way to fulfill the EXPO’s mission to be the premier fruit, vegetable and farm market event this year and in the future was to move onto a virtual platform,” a news release stated.

The EXPO is held annually in the beginning of December. The EXPO is the premier event to interact, learn and continue profitability by providing educational and business connections, the news release said. Attendees are able to choose from dozens of educational sessions or visit hundreds of exhibitors on the trade show floor.

While the EXPO will be different this year, all of the familiar opportunities will still be available.

“Moving the EXPO from an in-person experience to a virtual platform was the last choice we wanted to make,” said Adam VanDyk, president of the Great Lakes EXPO Board of Directors. “We recognize that a significant advantage of the EXPO is the networking with friends and business associates. The EXPO board is working to bring as much of the in-person feel we are used to onto a virtual platform.”

In addition, the Greenhouse EXPO will also be held virtually. This show is held in conjunction with the Great Lakes EXPO each year.

The EXPO officials indicated the educational sessions and trade show associated with the event will also be held virtually, with opportunities for vendors to secure booth space.

Watch for more details in the coming months as the education program is released as well as features that are possible on the virtual platform.

For more information, contact Ben Smith or Greg Bird.

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