Jan 18, 2023
FBSciences, Koch team up to deliver plant health technology

A new commercial agreement between FBSciences and Koch Agronomic Services (Koch) aims to bring next-generation technological solutions for plant health to market.

In 1,600-plus trials spanning 16 years, FBSciences has demonstrated the ability of more than 80 FBS Technologies products to improve nutrient use efficiency, stress mitigation, and overall plant and soil health. Koch’s global agricultural product portfolio delivers solutions to and long-lasting relationships with customers. The companies’ collaboration will draw on their shared commitment to optimizing performance and return on investment while minimizing environmental effects.

“We are thrilled to announce this relationship with Koch and look forward to combining our scientific know-how and proven technologies with Koch’s expertise in boosting crop productivity and yield while reducing environmental impact,” said Courtenay Wolfe, chair and CEO of FBSciences. “Through this collaboration, growers will have access to the next generation of agricultural products.”

Initially, the collaboration will focus on seed enhancement opportunities in North America within Koch’s PROTIVATE TM nutritional seed enhancer product line with an eye toward additional product development opportunities.

“We are excited about the opportunities made possible through this collaborative agreement with FBSciences,” said Steve Coulter, senior vice president of Koch. “Their technology portfolio offers numerous product development opportunities that help advance the strategic and commercial goals of Koch. We look forward to future opportunities to collaborate with FBSciences.”

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