Jul 20, 2022
CODA Farm Technologies unveils third-generation remote monitoring device

Agricultural irrigation company CODA Farm Technologies unveiled its new, third-generation FarmHQ retrofit cellular device for remote monitoring and control for hard-hose irrigation reels and pumps just in time for Smart Integration Month.

The device features enhanced cellular connectivity, integrated backup battery; waterproofing for long-term durability over multiple irrigation seasons; and an easy magnetic mounting option.

A universal retrofit option, FarmHQ is a small cellular device and app that lets users of irrigation reels and pumps upgrade their irrigation equipment with one simple installation and put them all on the same monitoring and control system. The device works anywhere a smartphone does and provides status updates in real time. Compatible with all irrigation reels regardless of size or age, it instantly updates equipment with brand new features.

Once farmers complete the easy installation, FarmHQ constantly monitors the status and speed of their irrigation reels: tracking run progress, watching for equipment failures, and letting them know when problems occur. When the reel stops retracting for any reason, FarmHQ automatically sends a shutdown signal to the pump. The FarmHQ mobile app and online dashboard gives farmers easy access to this status information and detailed irrigation records.

The device is currently available for sale in North America directly from CODA Farm Technologies and its network of irrigation equipment dealer partners.

This spring, CODA announced a North American partnership with hard-hose reel manufacturer Kifco to bring CODA’s FarmHQ retrofit cellular device and mobile app that provide real-time remote monitoring and control, including automatic pump shutdown, to Kifco Ag-Rain Water-Reels.

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