Feb 10, 2023
Certis Biologicals introduces high-load copper biofungicide

Certis Biologicals’ newest copper product is a high-load formulation that will bring the biofungicide to Integrated Pest Management programs for citrus and specialty crops nationwide.

Kocide 50DF can serve as both a preventative and curative product to combat fungal plant diseases, including blight, anthracnose, crown, canker, phytophthora and rot, according to a news release.

“We know that growers have trusted Kocide for generations to protect their crops and their livelihoods,” said Amy O’Shea, Certis Biologicals president and CEO. “Because of the addition of Kocide 50DF as a high-load copper, our Kocide portfolio is now the comprehensive set of copper tools that any grower needs to protect their crops and the environments in which they grow.”

The new Kocide 50DF formulation mixes with low-dust residue, is easy to pour and disperses quickly, resulting in fewer clog issues during mix. Applied through standard foliar methods at a low rate, Kocide 50DF is one of the strongest high-load copper products in the market.

“Not only is Kocide 50DF a strong, high-load product, but it’s produced in the U.S. using recycled copper sourced domestically,” said Rob Gibson, global portfolio manager. “Because of this, growers can feel good about this product and its ability to add value to the sustainability goals of their operations.”

Kocide 50DF joins legacy products Kocide 3000-O and Kocide 2000-O.

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