Jan 15, 2020
BioWorks launches ON-Gard Calcium organic fertilizer

BioWorks recently launched ON-Gard Calcium organic liquid fertilizer with plant-derived protein hydrolysate and calcium chloride for the treatment and prevention of calcium deficiency in organic crops.

ON-Gard Calcium jug
ON-Gard Calcium

ON-Gard Calcium is available in the US and Canada. The unique calcium formulated fertilizer increases the uptake efficiency of calcium by plants at reduced application rates, decreases the risk of phytotoxic injury with a higher dilution, and improves the yield and quality of fruits and vegetables, according to a press release from the company.

“The BioWorks team is excited to offer another organic liquid fertilizer,” said Ted McDonald, director of sales, Biological Products. “The expanded ON-Gard product line gives organic growers more choices to fit their needs and gives BioWorks another tool to develop personalized plant health programs for our customers.”

BioWorks is home to the RootShield, BotaniGard, BotryStop, CEASE, Molt-X, MilStop, NemaShield, and SuffOil-X brands of biofertilizers, according to the press release. The company provides expertise for managing plant and soil health using reliable, environmentally responsible products when and how the customer needs them.

BioWorks is a founding member of the Biological Products Industry Alliance and also a proud sponsor of the AFE scholarship program, funding the “BioWorks IPM/Sustainable Practices Scholarship.”

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