Jun 1, 2022
AgBiome’s Theia fungicide receives EPA approval

AgBiome Inc. announced its newest product, Theia fungicide, has received approval from the Environmental Protection Agency. Theia delivers broad spectrum foliar and soil disease control for high-value fruit and vegetable crops.

It protects crops through multiple modes of action, including fungicidal and bactericidal metabolites, and is OMRI Listed, according to a news release.

The fungicide possesses strong control on diseases such as powdery mildew and fusarium that have the power to devastate crops, according to the release from the Research Triangle, North Carolina-based company, which develops products from the Earth’s microbial communities.

“Theia fungicide is poised to become an important disease control solution for growers,” Toni Bucci, chief operating officer, said in the release. “Today, we are one step closer to bringing growers of high-value crops yet another extremely effective disease management tool. This registration and impending commercial launch are proof of AgBiome’s ability to fulfill our promise of innovating to enhance the global agricultural ecosystem.” Theia is the second proprietary AgBiome crop protection product to be marketed.

Theia complements Howler fungicide with distinct modes of action and the ability to perform against additional key disease targets, according to the release. Released in 2019, Howler is an effective tool against a broad spectrum of soilborne and foliar diseases, according to the release. Both were developed through AgBiome’s Genesis platform.

“Theia fungicide is a testament of our platform’s unique ability to identify the best fungicidal strains for growers using our proprietary tools,” Brooke Bissinger, Theia fungicide product manager, said in the release. “From the microbe discovery by our own plant pathologist Phil Hammer, to the final steps toward commercialization today, we’re proud to see this approval granted for this product from our Genesis platform.”

State registrations are pending and growers can expect Theia fungicide to be available for purchase through AgBiome’s retail partners later this year.


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