Nematodes: How They Help or Harm Your Soil

{Sponsored} Nematodes are roundworms of the large phylum Nematoda, most of which are microscopic (less than 1 mm long) and invisible to the human eye.... more »

Wetter late than never

(Sponsored) A wetting agent can be an invaluable tool within organic agriculture, as agronomist Francisco Rivera from OMEX® Agrifluids USA explains... more »

Bio-pesticide gives growers a more flexible approach to nematode control

(Sponsored) Growers can free themselves from the sometimes restrictive cultural practices desirable for the control of damaging crop nematodes, sa... more »

Choose ‘organic’ fertilizers carefully

{Sponsored} Accounting for nearly a third of all organic food sales and 15 per cent of the total US fruit and vegetable market, organic fruit and ... more »

Sustainability award to recognize improvements in agricultural sustainability

The newest award to come from the Organic Grower® parent company, Great American Media Services, the Specialty Grower Sustainability Award seeks to r... more »

Control When You Need It – Advice for Managing Hard-to-Kill Pests in Organic Vegetable

By: Fred Marmor, Field Market Development Specialist for Valent U.S.A. {Sponsored} Vegetable growers are bound to face insect issues every season. ... more »

Quick Knockdown of Pests with PyGanic®

{Sponsored} PyGanic® Crop Protection is a botanically derived, organic contact insecticide that delivers quick knockdown of a broad spectrum of hard-... more »

Full program unveiled for 2020 Great Lakes EXPO virtual educational sessions

For the first time ever, the Great Lakes Fruit, Vegetable & Farm Market EXPO will be transitioning to a virtual EXPO for 2020, including virtual... more »

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