Jan 19, 2021
Sustainability award to recognize improvements in agricultural sustainability

The newest award to come from the Organic Grower® parent company, Great American Media Services, the Specialty Grower Sustainability Award seeks to recognize a grower or farming operation that has put in major efforts to improve sustainability in their operation. The efforts can be reflected in several categories, including waste water management, soil health, climate control labor, advocacy and more.

Once open for nominations, any growers or farming operations who have taken significant steps to improve sustainability in their agricultural practices can be nominated. Nominees will be judged based on: Innovative Thinking, Execution, Impact/Results and Leadership in the Industry. 

Sustainability in agriculture is a priority for Valent U.S.A., the sponsor of the inaugural Specialty Grower Sustainability Award. Valent’s sustainability commitment lies across the pillars of people, planet and productivity. It delivers on this commitment by researching and developing a wide variety of grower solutions that support the sustainable agricultural practices the world needs to feed, clothe and provide fuel for us all today and for future generations.

 “Our world relies on agriculture and as a part of the industry it is essential that we take a leadership role in protecting resources to help keep our industry strong for the next generation,” said Matt Plitt, executive vice president and chief operating officer at Valent U.S.A.  

Valent’s sponsorship of this award is its way of helping to support growers as they take the next incremental step towards increasing the sustainability and preservation of their operation, whether that’s adopting conservation tillage practices, improved utilization of IPM or looking to reduce food waste on the farm. By providing biological and conventional solutions that complement and support sustainable practices, Valent seeks to ensure their own practices and operations prioritize what’s best for people, our communities, and the environment.

“Our ambition is to power continuous improvement of growers and retailers, and this award will recognize those who embody that goal,” Plitt said.

Call for nominations open Feb. 1, 2021. The last day for nominations will be April 16, 2021.

To learn more about Valent’s sustainability efforts, visit Valent.com/Sustainability. 

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