Pest Control

2023 season spotted lanternfly survey begins

The Penn State Extension Grape and Wine Team is calling on Mid-Atlantic region growers and vineyard owners to participate in a spotted lanternfly (SLF... more »

California approves Certis Biologicals nematicide

California farmers have a new product for controlling the threat of nematodes in their fields, orchards and vineyards with the approval of MeloCon LC ... more »

Laser repellent helps deter birds

A high-tech solution is helping repel birds In May, Arkion Life Science announced it would cancel the registration for Avipel upon request from the... more »

Specialty input products supplier reorganizes marketing

Agronomic services provider Brandt has reorganized its marketing functions and promoted three staffers into new positions. Based in Springfield, Il... more »

Crop nutrition and protection company changes name

Huma Inc., formerly known as Bio Huma Netics, is consolidating its six product and service lines under one entity. Bio Huma Netics celebrated its 5... more »

Technical expertise necessary for pesticide regulating

Specialty crop groups joined dozens of other agricultural organizations in requesting increased funding for the USDA’s Office of Pest Management Pol... more »

UF researchers battle pest that harms green beans, peas and legumes

Scientists at the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) are working to identify and control a pest that harm... more »

Purdue Extension field day offers growers networking, educational sessions

Purdue Extension’s annual Fruit and Vegetable Field Day, set for July 20, will offer growers networking and educational sessions on topics including... more »

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