Jul 20, 2023
WSU seeks organic fruit growers for SWD study

Washington State University (WSU) is seeking organic blueberry and cherry growers to participate in a study on controlling spotted wing drosophila (SWD).

WSU is conducting a study involving the release and recapture of parasitoid wasps, which are natural enemies of SWD. The study would benefit growers and researchers, according to a news release, a participation may lead to overall SWD reduction and fruit yield increases.

spotted wing drosophila
Spotted wing drosophila. Photo: Hannah Burrack, North Carolina State University/Bugwood.org

Participants must be organic growers. Researchers are primarily looking for farms that grow blueberries or cherries, and have a wild SWD host nearby, such as Himalayan blackberry or chokecherry.

If interested, contact graduate student Robert Czokajło at the WSU Wenatchee Tree Fruit Research & Extension Center via email at robert.czokajlo@wsu.edu.

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