Feb 14, 2020
Connecticut startup organic growers embrace lifestyle

A couple who grow organic vegetables on an old Connecticut homestead were recently featured in the USDA’s Fridays on the Farm series.

Trout and Jennifer Gaskins’ farm in Newtown, Connecticut, is called Farming 101. The couple grow organic peppers, eggplant, herbs, salad greens, fruit and heirloom tomatoes on about 3 acres, according to the story. A favorite crop is okra. They also have dabbled in livestock.

“The authenticity of the lifestyle is genuine,” Trout said in the story. ”Anticipating each season, managing our expectations, gratitude for the rewards of our efforts, all provide us with the desire to press on.”

Read more about the couple and their organic farm operation:

Photos: Carolyn Miller, NRCS, and Farming 101

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