Organic certification ‘flexiblities’ allowed during COVID-19

Approved Insurance Providers (AIPs) may allow organic producers to report acreage as certified organic, or transitioning to organic, for the 2020 crop... more »

Organic Produce Summit 2020 canceled because of COVID-19

The 2020 Organic Produce Summit (OPS), bringing together producers and buyers of the organic fresh produce industry, has canceled due to the impact of... more »

Organic grower/retailer opens new Toronto store during pandemic

[caption id="attachment_1286" align="alignright" width="300"] Fresh City Farms Inc. (CNW Group/Fresh City Farms Inc.)[/caption] Fresh City, an urba... more »

Organic Trade Association supporting industry during COVID-19 crisis

[caption id="attachment_1261" align="alignleft" width="193"] Laura Batcha
CEO/Executive Director
Organic Trade Association[/caption] So m... more »

Organic farms shift business approaches during COVID-19

Farm and food-production activities have been listed as essential by most state and local governments, but the industry has still been disrupted by CO... more »

NOSB spring meeting to be held online

Hold those travel plans – public participation in the spring meeting of the National Organic Standards Board will move online. The National Organ... more »

Work goes on for Organic Grower

[caption id="attachment_1140" align="alignright" width="300"] Stephen Kloosterman[/caption] Organic Grower magazine ensures its audience that, desp... more »

For Pennsylvania, ag is ‘essential business’ during COVID-19

While some industries are limited or shut down amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Pennsylvania is treating agricultural operations as “essent... more »

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