Nov 2, 2023
USDA adds import function to Organic Integrity Database

The USDA National Organic Program (NOP) has expanded the functionality of its Organic Integrity Database, adding an import certificate module.

The new module augments the Trade Partner module, launched in May. Together, they make up a system called the Global Organic Integrity Database (Global Integrity).

Organic Integrity databaseThe database increases the USDA’s ability to protect the integrity of imported and domestic organic products sold in the U.S. The new import certificate module provides certifiers with the ability to generate electronic import certificates in Global Integrity for organic agricultural products being exported to the U.S. This is another important step in implementing the Strengthening Organic Enforcement (SOE) final rule, which requires the use of electronic import certificates to fortify supply chain traceability and organic integrity.

Since Integrity’s 2015 launch, USDA-accredited certifiers have used the database to report on farms and businesses certified to the USDA organic regulations. The new Trade Partner module allows international certifiers to report on farms and businesses certified under the NOP’s organic trade arrangements. With that added module and the new functionality of the import certificate, USDA-accredited certifiers and certifiers working with other government partners under organic trade arrangements, can now generate electronic import certificates in Global Integrity. These import certificates will be associated with exports of organic agricultural products to the U.S.

NOP worked with certifiers accredited under the USDA and Canadian organic regulations to test this new module and used their feedback to refine the system and develop future enhancements. Accredited certifiers can access the import certificate module by logging into Global Integrity, via the Organic Integrity Database.

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