Jul 12, 2023
Texas organic farm highlights weeding

Shakera and Juan Raygoza went from a small vegetable consumer supported agriculture business model to running a wholesale radish farm in the suburbs of Edinburg, Texas — Terra Preta Farm.


The use of a basket weeder has proven essential to the success of their newer operation, because it offers efficient weed control on a larger scale. In several videos promoted by the USDA, the Raygozas talk about their overall approach to weed management, the importance of the basket weeder to their growth, and their use of hand tools in the market garden they continue to maintain.


The USDA's organic sealTwo videos on the Raygoza’s operation from the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program focus on managing weeds organically. SARE provides grants for farmer-driven research and plays a role in sharing the results of that research to other farmers across the country.


The YouTube videos are on:

Basket weeders at Terra Preta Farms

Ecological weed management at Terra Preta Farms

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