Jun 23, 2022
Revol Greens partnership with IUNU supports expansion plans

Revol Greens, America’s largest greenhouse lettuce grower, announced on June 16 that it has chosen IUNU as its technology partner to deliver a fully integrated approach of artificial intelligence, digital solutions and automation at scale to meet rising consumer demand for greenhouse-grown leafy greens. Revol Greens is the only greenhouse operation to connect learned AI technologies with their proprietary organic cultivation program.

Since its inception, Revol Greens has maintained a strong commitment to innovation, focusing on investing in facilities and a broad product pipeline that encourages the most sustainable and high-quality crop production. As part of this commitment, Revol Greens is executing an ambitious digital strategy and quickly becoming the global leader in automated and advanced greenhouse operations.

IUNU’s LUNA Platform is the most advanced horticultural platform on the market and helps greenhouse operators drive higher yields and produce better crops. Revol Greens has chosen to deploy IUNU’s artificial intelligence and computer vision system, LUNA AI, to automate operations and steer better crop performance at scale, and its cultivation management platform, LUNA CMP, which is designed to digitize production operations for maximum efficiency across multiple sites.

This is only the first step of a strategy to shift toward AI-driven operations and to develop new areas of AI-led innovation. The continuous automated phenotyping, combined with a rigorous germplasm assessment, along with the application of the latest in sensor technology and data analytics, are expected to accelerate new CEA-grown crop launches, further expanding the range of CEA-adapted crops and helping alleviate some of the major supply chain challenges faced by field-grown produce. The partnership is also anticipated to expand the focus of the CEA giant from higher productivity and longer shelf life to delivering healthier and more nutritious fresh
produce to the masses.

“Our partnership with IUNU is a critical step in our strategy to build a fully integrated, end-to-end digital platform, allowing us to leverage our proprietary growing systems and practices, along with our expertise in horticulture and plant biology to accelerate innovation cycles and consistently deliver high quality, nutritious fresh produce to our customers, and at a price point that makes it accessible to more consumers,” said Mohammed Oufattole, Revol Greens CTO. “With LUNA AI and CMP, our staff is positioned to help scale up our business and enabled to continuously learn and innovate improved growing recipes for existing and new crop launches. Our plant and data scientists have the tools to uncover detailed insights that will further enhance our capabilities and help deepen our competitive moat. At Revol Greens, we know the importance of implementing technology like LUNA, and as we continue to plan further expansion, LUNA will put our plants in the driver’s seat.”

IUNU’s flagship platform, LUNA AI, combines software with a variety of high-definition fixed and mobile cameras and environmental sensors to keep track of the minutiae of plant growth and health indicators in indoor agriculture settings, turning commercial greenhouses into precise, predictable, demand-based manufacturers that optimize yield, labor, and product quality. Revol Greens operates greenhouses in Minnesota, California, Georgia and Texas and currently reaches over one-third of the country’s population within 24 hours of harvest. The IUNU platform will enable organic supply chain improvements across all locations for their customers through a combination of improved crop output and quality.

“We’re thrilled to work with Revol Greens to deploy LUNA AI and LUNA CMP across all their locations. Revol Greens is a fantastic operator and maintains high product quality and food safety standards for all facilities. Our LUNA Platform is a perfect addition to enable Revol Greens to continue expanding across the United States and continue producing the highest quality and most sustainable products possible,” said Adam Greenberg, chief executive officer of IUNU.

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