Mar 8, 2024
PickTrace adds feature to send funds across borders

Intermex, an omnichannel money transfer service provider, and PickTrace have formed a partnership to make it easier for U.S. specialty crop workers to send money to their home country.

“This partnership merges Intermex’s expertise in the remittance industry with PickTrace’s robust labor management tools,”  Marcelo Theodoro, chief product, marketing and digital officer at Intermex, said in the release.

Theodoro said he is optimistic about expanding digital offerings through the collaboration, providing greater user experience and simplicity to workers in the U.S. He emphasized the vital role of cross-border remittances, noting that enabling money transfers in partnership with PickTrace is a significant stride towards promoting financial inclusion across Latin America and diversification of Intermex business.

Intermex-logoJoel Zemer, CEO at PickTrace, said that over the past 10 years, PickTrace has been digitizing labor management practices across the U.S. specialty crop sector, and serves hundreds of  employers.

“With the introduction of our mobile remittance platform, PickTrace is now creating value for the hundreds of thousands of agriculture employees that historically have had limited financial service offerings available to them,” Zemer said in the release. “We are thrilled about the impact this new partnership with Intermex will enable for the U.S. agriculture workforce, supplying an easy and cost effective solution to send money back to their home country.”

As of March 1, users are able to send money via the PickTrace mobile app. This service has been integrated into PickTrace’s existing application, requiring no additional enrollment or activation process for customers.

Founded in 1994, Intermex applies proprietary technology, enabling consumers to send money from the U.S Canada and Europe to more than 60 countries. Transactions are fulfilled and paid through thousands of retail and bank locations around the world. Intermex is headquartered in Miami.


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