May 11, 2023
Infusion of organic table grapes coming from Mexico, California

A prolonged gap of organic table grapes is expected to end later this month, with supply infusions from California and Mexico coming in June.

Promotable supplies are expected soon from California’s Coachella Valley and Mexico’s Sonoran Desert, according to Organic Produce Network’s Week 19 report.

A prolonged gap of organic table grapes is expected to end later this month, with supply infusions from California and Mexico coming in June. Photo: File

Organic table grapes usually experience a gap in mid- to late-spring as South American winter production runs out of supply in April. Cool, rainy weather in 2023 has contributed to later crops in other regions.

It looks like we will start with organic reds from Coachella sometime during the week of May 22,” John Harley, sales manager of California’s Anthony Vineyards, told OPN. “The crop is coming, but it’s coming slowly.”

Harley said the crop is behind by a week to 10 days, meaning promotable supplies won’t be available in time for Memorial Day Weekend.

“The good news is that we will have plenty of organic grapes for the Fourth of July, and there will be promotional opportunities by mid-June,” he said.

Organic red grapes typically start about a week earlier than organic greens in the Coachella Valley, but this year the gap between the colors will be shorter.

“At this point, the organic greens seem to be coming on quicker than the reds,” Harley said. “We’ll see if that holds up as we get closer to our start date.”


Organic mini watermelons from Mexico are in steady supply and excellent quality, while organic seedless watermelons have started production in the country. The first arrivals have exhibited excellent quality. Organic cantaloupe and honeydew are back in season, with new crops arriving from Mexico as well.


Supply of organic celery has become extremely limited and quality subpar. Those factors are not expected to improve, and costs are projected to rise throughout May, which will also see limited supplies of organic celery hearts.


California organic navel oranges will be available throughout the month, with larger sizes prevailing. Organic blood oranges continue in season with the late Sanguinelli variety. Organic cara caras will finish for the season by mid-May.  Organic lime pricing continues to ease slowly, and sizing should improve in June. Organic Meyer lemons have finished for the season. Organic grapefruit pricing has gone up again, with limited supplies and sporadic gaps. 

Broccoli and cabbage

 Organic broccoli availability has improved in May as supply volume from the East Coast has increased. California production remains limited and prices higher than on the East Coast. Organic cabbage production is beginning in North Carolina as the Florida season wraps up, while the Pennsylvania season will begin in late May or early June. Improved Organic Napa cabbage supplies should result in steady availability in May.

Stone fruit

The first organic apricots and cherries should arrive towards the end of May, with good supply expected in June.


Organic strawberry prices are becoming very promotable, with Baja fruit being harvested and California production increasing every week. Quality has been excellent. Organic blueberry pricing continues to be promotable out of Georgia. Quality has been exceptional, and harvests are flush. Organic blackberry pricing remains steady with light demand and steady supplies, while organic raspberry pricing will continue to be tight. California production has started but supplies continue to be limited.


Organic Vidalia sweet onions from Georgia are in peak season with excellent quality. New crops of California-grown red, white and yellow “short-day” organic onions are ramping up and will ship through May.


Organic cluster tomatoes are promotable, though quality issues caused by weather and growing conditions ended the Florida season for organic grape tomatoes. Supplies are expected to be steady from other areas during this gap. Organic cherry and rainbow cherry tomatoes are finished for the season in Florida, with East Coast growers transitioning to Georgia production and additional supply coming from the West. Organic Roma tomato prices are expected to increase slightly in the middle of May, with outstanding quality and steady availability.

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