Nov 30, 2023
Industry to celebrate ‘Organic Oscars’ at Natural Products West

The Organic Center and Organic Voices are co-hosting the 2024 Organic Gala at Natural Products Expo West.

The gala is March 13 at the expo in Anaheim, California. The organic sector’s premier event at the trade show, the theme of the celebration is “An Organic Night Out: Honoring the Year’s Best in Organic,” and will recognize the work of a group of individuals, brands and businesses in communicating the benefits of organic to consumers.

Organic Night OUt

Award-winning actress, philanthropist and co-founder of the organic, next-generation children’s nutrition company Once Upon a Farm, Jennifer Garner, and organic advocate and co-founder of the world’s largest organic dairy company Stonyfield Farm, Gary Hirshberg, will emcee the awards ceremony.

This event celebrates and advances the organic movement, bringing together visionaries, activists and businesses. It is the single-biggest fundraising event for The Organic Center and Organic Voices, nonprofit organizations that work on research, education and communication with the organic industry and consumers.

The evening will feature an interactive science fair demonstrating the latest research being conducted by The Organic Center and other scientists, and enable attendees to witness the meaningful impact organic practices have on crop production, soil health, food safety, climate and sustainability,  according to a news release.

Attendees will be transported to a cutting-edge research lab at the science fair. Among the exhibits will be displays demonstrating how organic farming can protect the health of pollinators with a live bee observation hive, and how organic agriculture practices create healthier soils that lock in carbon and help to fight climate change.

For the first time, individuals, associations, companies and brands who have shown outstanding success in elevating the awareness, understanding and consumption of organic to new organic consumers will be recognized. Awards will be given in eight categories: Best New Organic Food/Beverage Product; Best New Organic Non-food Product; Best Organic Messaging: Better for the Planet, People or Animals; Best Organic PR or Social Media Activation; Best Retailer Organic Activation; Most Impactful Organic Research Result or Finding; Emerging Organic Entrepreneur of the Year and Organic Company of the Year.

Companies can apply for the awards online.

‘Organic Oscars’

“Think of this as the first-ever ‘Organic Oscars,’” Stonyfield Farm’s Hirshberg said in the release. “It is my honor and deep pleasure to be sharing the stage with the wonderful Jennifer Garner to recognize these industry luminaries and change makers who have shown outstanding achievement in communicating in the marketplace the importance of choosing organic for a healthier future.”

“I cannot wait to gather, to recognize and cheer for each other and to be inspired by the work and the triumphs behind people and brands who put health of families and planet first,” Garner said in the release. “This event will highlight all the good work being done in organic and, I hope, expand the industry to reach even more people.”

“To grow the organic industry and its positive impact on people and the planet, shoppers must understand the value of organic and the benefits that come with purchasing products carrying the USDA Organic seal. We are thrilled that this year’s event is recognizing the impact of these organic champions,” Amber Sciligo, director of science programs for The Organic Center, said in the release. “The celebration of these incredible organic stakeholders combined with the spotlight that this puts on the latest organic research promises to make our upcoming gala a meaningful and unforgettable evening.”

New Hope Network, the organizer of Expo West, is a sponsor of An Organic Night Out.

“New Hope has long championed organic and its importance within food, retail and agriculture,” Carlotta Mast, New Hope senior vice president and market leader, said in the release. “An Organic Night Out will be a meaningful and fun addition to our Expo West programming that enables us to engage more leaders in the Organic movement and showcase the best Organic innovation, advocacy and thought leadership.”


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