Sep 5, 2023
House Ag Committee seeks labor input from growers

The U.S. House Agriculture Committee has created a bipartisan Agricultural Labor Working Group and is asking growers of specialty crops and other commodities to complete an online survey.

The committee’s chairman, Glenn “GT” Thompson, and ranking member David Scott created the working group to focus on workforce issues faced by the nation’s ag producers.

House-ag-labor-surveySubmissions to the online survey will be anonymous and aggregated for internal use by the House Agriculture Committee Agricultural Labor Working Group.

Republican members of the group are:

  • Rick Crawford, Arkansas, co-chair
  • Lori Chavez Deremer, Oregon
  • Monica De La Cruz, Texas
  • Doug LaMalfa, California
  • Nick Langworthy, New York
  • David Rouzer, North Carolina
  • Derrick Van Orden, Wisconsin

Democrat members of the group are:

  • Don Davis, North Carolina, co-chair
  • Yadira Caraveo, Colorado
  • Salud Carbajal, California
  • Jim Costa, California
  • Jasmine Crockett, Texas
  • Darren Soto, Florida
  • Gabe Vasquez, New Mexico

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