Jun 15, 2021
Grimmway Farms uses Highland Ag Solutions for food safety, regulation management

Grimmway Farms, the largest carrot producer in the world and largest organic vegetable producer in the United States, has chosen Highland Ag Solutions as their food safety and regulatory compliance management software provider.

“We are honored to partner with Grimmway Farms to provide a platform that allows them to virtually manage their food safety programs,” Justin Machell, CEO at Highland Ag Solutions, said in a news release. “Food safety culture is a priority at Grimmway and Highland is ready to play a vital role in that process.”

Wendell Stockton, Director of Quality Assurance for Grimmway Farms, and his team use the Highland Hub for their compliance and food safety needs.

“Using auditor access has really increased our efficiency, we can send access to our records to an auditor so they can do a desk review from a remote location,” Stockton said in the news release. “I highly recommend Highland Hub software because it is well designed and well serviced. When they first demonstrated it for me, I was using a competitor’s software, but knew within the first 15 minutes that I would be making a change.”

Highland Hub has provided tools, such as the auditor access tool, that are needed for a transparent, real-time view of the critical elements of food safety at Grimmway Farms, according to the release.
Highland Ag Solutions provides digital solutions for food safety, compliance, and data management through a virtual ecosystem called Highland Hub. The Hub is comprised of resources to connect, streamline, and simplify the business of agriculture where growers, packers, shippers, and retailers can seamlessly receive and exchange on-demand, real-time insights into the critical elements of food production. Highland is dedicated to a customer-centric business model, working to create easy-to-use, time-saving solutions to master the uniquely complex challenges surrounding food safety and regulatory compliance in a global market.


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