Aug 10, 2023
Georgia Organics’ leader stepping down

Alice Rolls, the longtime president and CEO of Georgia Organics, is leaving her position.

In January, Rolls will mark two decades at the organic advocacy organization.

Alice Rolls

The 20 years is “a landmark that invites exciting change for the organization and me personally,” Rolls wrote to members. “I told myself years ago that if I made it to this milestone, it would be time to step away from my role as president and CEO and make room for new leadership.”

A positive about her long tenure at the Atlanta based organization was Rolls’ ability to witness true change. When she started in 2004, there were only seven farmers markets in Georgia, the National Organic Program was two years old, and “local food” was not part of society’s vernacular, Rolls said in a news release.

“Thanks to an incredible group of passionate farmers, advocates, and partners, the local food movement has grown and flourished in transformative ways,” Rolls said in the release. “There are now 150 farmers markets, 150 Certified Organic farms in Georgia, and more Certified Naturally Grown farms than in any other state. Eighty-two percent of Georgia households now purchase organic food on a regular basis. Farm to school programs dot Georgia’s landscape, and there are inspiring efforts to justly support black and brown farmers and mitigate the impacts of climate change.”

Georgia OrganicsRolls works to position the organization for the future, and has been working on succession planning during the last two years. In the coming months, Georgia Organics’ board of directors and a newly formed search committee plans to focus on hiring a new executive director later this year. The organization has posted a job description on its website. Rolls plans to remain with the organization during the transition and then serve in a brief “president emeritus” role before seeking new adventures in work and play, according to the release.

Georgia Organics is a member-supported, non-profit organization that champions organic agriculture and healthy families. It focuses on farmer prosperity, engaging children with nutritious school food and helps make organic and local food accessible to all by working with local leaders. The organization began in the 1970s and was formally incorporated as a 501(c)(3) in 1997.

In 2021, the Organic Trade Association honored Georgia Organics as Member of the Year. The award recognized the organization’s “exemplary service and leadership.”


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