Jul 1, 2024
Georgia ag dept., FieldWatch promote pesticide safety

Georgia is partnering with a nonprofit mapping operation to promote safe pesticide handling.

The Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA) is partnering with FieldWatch to introduce new technology aimed at promoting safe pesticide usage among beekeepers, crop producers and pesticide applicators in Georgia.

The nonprofit FieldWatch provides an online mapping registry that allows organic growers and beekeepers to alert commercial pesticide applicators and neighbors who farm about sensitive acreage.



This collaboration will facilitate the use of FieldWatch’s secure online registry, allowing users to map apiaries and crop fields, thereby improving communication and stewardship practices.

“Partnering with FieldWatch provides Georgia farmers and beekeepers with essential tools to ensure the safety and efficiency of pesticide applications. It reinforces our commitment to supporting our state’s agriculture, our number one industry,” Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Tyler Harper said in a news release.

“By encouraging registration through FieldWatch, we enhance stewardship and communication in agriculture, crucial for sustainable practices,” said Bob Walters, FieldWatch’s president, said in the release.

The initiative aligns with Georgia’s ongoing efforts under the Using Pesticides Wisely Program (UPW), a comprehensive safety and education initiative in collaboration with UGA Extension. The program has trained more than 17,000 Georgians on safe pesticide usage.



The FieldWatch tools, including DriftWatch and BeeCheck, will be pivotal in enabling Georgia’s agricultural community to register their locations securely, promoting sustainable pesticide practices across the state. Access to FieldWatch’s online portal, FieldCheck, will aid pesticide applicators in making informed decisions to minimize spray drift, according to the release.

FieldWatch operates in 24 states and one Canadian province. The databases provide applicators and growers the ability to check surrounding areas before they spray to minimize the risk of chemical drift that could compromise organic acreage or harm bees.

For more information on how to register and utilize FieldWatch tools, visit the Georgia Department of Agriculture’s website or FieldWatch’s official website.

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