Jan 10, 2022
Duncan Family Farms of Arizona acquires Pedersen Farms in NY

Goodyear, Arizona-based Duncan Family Farms, a family-owned, multi-regional grower of certified organic and sustainably-grown produce recently announced the acquisition of Pedersen Farms, a family-owned farm and certified organic grower located in upstate New York.

With a focus on expansion and diversification of regional and local organic supply, this acquisition supports Duncan Family Farms growth as a leader in sustainability and a grower of premium organic products, according to a news release from the company. With additional varieties and a prime location, Pedersen Farms will help to increase the range of products Duncan offers as well as help to mitigate potential supply chain challenges. Duncan specializes in baby lettuces, greens, kale and herbs.

“We are thrilled to be joining forces with Pedersen Farms as their agronomic practices and core values perfectly align with ours at Duncan,” Patty Emmert, community relations and marketing manager for Duncan Family Farms, said in a news release. “Rick Pedersen has spent the last thirty years building up the quality of the organic soil and making an impact in his community. This union is precisely the type of operational excellence we believe in and want to strengthen within our organization.”

Through this acquisition, Rick Pedersen who founded Pedersen Farms will stay on board as head of farming operations to provide continuity and on-the-ground expertise, according to the news release. Additionally, the existing staff will maintain their current positions with the support of Duncan Family Farms.

“We are so grateful to the local community, our customers, and our team members who have made the last 30 years a reality,” Pedersen said in the news release. “We’re excited about the future that is possible with Duncan’s support and we are proud to be working alongside a team that cares as much as we do about organics and sustainability.”

Founded in 1985 by Arnott and Kathleen Duncan, Duncan Family Farms is one of the largest growers of organic produce and is nationally recognized for its environmentally-sensitive farming techniques and premium-quality fresh vegetables, according to the news release.

Pedersen Farms is a family-owned farm located in the Central Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. Today, Pedersen Farms has over 900 acres of certified organic land which produces organic vegetables and grain. Pedersen Farms uses sustainable farming techniques throughout their acreage and is GlobalG.A.P. certified.

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