Jan 26, 2024
Brighter Bites’ relevance discussed

Brighter Bites, a national nonprofit that delivers fresh fruits and vegetables directly into families’ hands, concluded its 2022-2023 programming season with high numbers as a result of support from key industry partners.

Since fall 2022, the nonprofit has distributed more than $17 million in retail cost of produce, including 287 fruit and vegetable varietals to 51,615 families enrolled in the program. Additionally, across the 263 program sites across the country, Brighter Bites implemented 25,357 nutrition education lessons and PE activities to 103,891 students to continue its mission of creating communities of health through exposure and learning.

Brighter Bites logo


“We are consistently impressed by the impact that Brighter Bites makes in communities across the country. It’s so important for the produce industry to support creating a healthier future generation,” Bruce Taylor, CEO of Taylor Farms, said in the release. “We are grateful to support the ongoing work of Brighter Bites in creating healthier communities through access to fresh produce and nutrition education.”

“We are a proud sponsor of Brighter Bites because we believe in their vision and approach to creating healthy communities around the country,” Soren Bjorn, CEO of Driscoll’s, said in the release. “We are inspired by their ability to serve and empower families to have an educated and fun relationship with fruits and vegetables through their nutrition education lessons and family programs.”

“I am so proud of how the produce industry stepped up to support this vital cause. These great leaders exemplify the giving nature of our industry. It is through the generous donations of produce and funding that will ultimately help change the course of produce consumption and overall health in communities across the country. I want to personally thank each of you and all of the friends in the business that supported Brighter Bites in 2023,”- Rich Dachman, Brighter Bites’ CEO, said in the release.

Brighter Bites is a nonprofit that creates communities of health through fresh food with the goal of changing behavior among children and their families to prevent obesity and achieve long-term health. Brighter Bites is an evidence-based, multi-component elementary school, preschool, and summer camp program that utilizes reliable access to fruits and vegetables, nutrition education, and consistent exposure to recipes and messages that feature fresh food.

Since 2012, Brighter Bites has provided more than 60 million pounds of produce and millions of nutrition education materials to more than one million individuals (including teachers) in Austin, Texas, Bakersfield, California, Dallas, Texas, Houston, Texas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Arizona, New York, Salinas, California, San Antonio, Texas, southwest Florida, and the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

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