Aug 25, 2023
New pear packaging technology introduced by CMI

CMI Orchards has introduced pear packing technology that is marketed to possess strong benefits for retailers and consumers.

The Wenatchee, Washington, based CMI’s recent expansions on the technology used to pack, market and sell pears is something the company has been working toward for some time and are ready to share it, Sarah Barkley, domestic sales and pear lead, said in a news release.

CMI“CMI always pushes for innovation, and we’re really excited to see our hard work come to fruition,” Barkley said in the release.

Among the innovations being developed and expanded is a new vent pattern, which provides efficiency at the warehouse level. “Most of the steps of pear packing are manual; the shape of pears can prove a challenge when it comes to automating the process at all, so any effort to modernize reduces cost,” Barkley said in the release. “This new vent pattern helps streamline the process, as well as improving airflow — which is crucial to control temperatures and retain moisture both on the packing line and through the ripening process.”

Any reduction of steps in the packing process reduces cost, and the new vent pattern will eliminate an entire step, Barkley said in the release.

Implementation SmartHarvest mobile ripening units is another step in CMI’s processes. “Empowering our customers to confidently understand the ripeness of their fruit, and having influence over the ripening process, ensures that retailers are going to get more bang for their buck,” Barkley said in the release. “With this development, retailers can offer their customers pears that are at optimal ripeness at point of purchase and ensure the best and most consistent eating quality at home, capturing repeat customers and boosting sales in the produce department.”

CMI is one of Washington’s largest growers, shippers and packers of conventional and organic apples, pears and cherries which is exported to more than 60 countries.

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