Aug 10, 2023
Aurea Imaging’s TMS TreeScout aids orchard management

Aurea Imaging has launched the TMS TreeScout, the world’s first tractor-mounted sensor for precision orchard management.

Aurea Imaging, a crop intelligence provider for fruit growers, introduced the world’s first fully integrated tractor-mounted sensor for precision orchard management.

Photo at top: Aurea Imaging’s TMS TreeScout is a fully integrated tractor-mounted sensor for precision orchard management that helps growers with tasks including tree scanning, blossom mapping and vigor scoring of trees.


“The market is challenging for fruit growers and orchards,” Aurea Imaging officials said in the release. “Orchard owners must adapt to lower prices, budget for higher costs, navigate labor issues and respond to pressures to reduce their environmental impact. AI-powered TMS TreeScout is the first high-precision farming solution that gives fruit growers complete control over data collection, analysis and execution without the need of external services or third parties to help manage it. TreeScout works seamlessly with all major root pruners, sprayers and data platforms, enabling farmers to give each tree what it requires to thrive, while also saving on water, fertilizer and labor expenses.”

While the sensor can be used by all fruit growers, it is specifically designed for apple and pear farmers.

Mounted on a grower’s tractor, TreeScout contains a high-definition 3D computer vision system and edge computing processing capacity that integrates with existing RTK-GPS equipment.

Aurea Imaging logoThe TMS TreeScout scans the trees in high definition while driving through the orchard, spraying, spreading or mowing, and then collects and uploads data to the cloud. Once the data is analyzed, farmers receive prescription maps with insights on individual trees, which enables growers to provide every tree with tailored care.

“We are on a mission to unlock the potential of every fruit tree,” Bert Rijk, Aurea Imaging’s CEO and founder, said in the release. “The TMS TreeScout reinvents orchard management and ensures farmers finally have a precision orchard solution that gives them full control of their orchards to maximize profits. Fruit growers who use TMS TreeScout will ultimately work more efficiently, reduce costs and time, and increase yield and productivity.”

The TMS TreeScout was born out of the experience. Aurea Imaging founder Rijk grew up on a farm in the Netherlands and saw firsthand the problems farms had collecting actionable data to help their business. Most of the data collected was about entire farms, which offered farmers few avenues to improve since customized treatment is necessary for every tree. TreeScout addresses these challenges and helps farmers produce more food while also protecting the environment, according to the release.

“The practicality of Aurea’s actual integration with our orchard applications is exceptional and drove our decision to work with them,” James Simpson, managing director of Adrian Scripps Ltd, UK, said in the release. “

Aurea Imaging is a crop intelligence provider for fruit growers. The Netherlands company uses sensors and drones to monitor growth, flowering and production, enabling better management of orchards on an individual tree level instead of a field level. Aurea Imaging has developed precision agriculture products in Europe, North America, New Zealand and South Africa.

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