Apr 20, 2020
Attune’s Ampersand, an OMRI-listed adjuvant, now available in California

An OMRI-listed adjuvant, Ampersand, is now available for sale and use in California.

Attune Ampersand
Photo: Attune

Ampersand is made with only food-grade ingredients, according to a press release from Attune Agriculture, and the adjuvant works differently than other adjuvants currently on the market to maximize the efficacy of herbicides and insecticides.

Attune Agriculture calls Ampersand’s technology “the first of its kind for the agricultural industry.”

According to the release:

“Ampersand is not a surfactant. In fact, tank sprays with Ampersand are designed to have droplets with a high surface tension and high contact angle, the opposite of how other adjuvants are engineered. Attune’s patented technology starts to control droplets at the nozzle using humectant and hydrocolloid properties that regulate droplet size and improve deposition. Once the droplets are on the leaf, ingredients that provide adhesion prevent droplets from rolling off the leaf, or bouncing and shattering.  Ampersand also gives actives more time on the leaf to perform their functions by reducing evaporation, drying and wash off.”

Attune said Ampersand “delivers three times more spray to the leaf, two times the absorption potential, and four times the wash off protection.”

It’s easy to handle, too.

“Not only does Ampersand have the lowest toxicity rating, Category IV, no signal words are required for labeling, and no special PPE or handling is required,” Attune said in the release. “Despite its fit for organic use, Ampersand provides cost effective performance benefits for conventional applications as well.”

The company said that in tests, Ampersand improved weed control by an average of 79% when combined with a leading organic herbicide. Tests also showed it to improve sprayable pheromones by 45% and glufosinate by 51%.

“Now, more than ever before, every spray matters,” said Greg Andon, CEO of Attune.  “We are excited to introduce Ampersand to California growers, where we can help boost the performance of organic actives to levels approaching conventional, and improve conventional actives to levels never seen before.”

In California Ampersand is available through distribution by Buttonwillow Warehouse Company and Grow West.

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