Jun 3, 2021
AgBiome hires four to the commercial team

AgBiome recently announced the addition of four new team members to its commercial team.

AgBiome logoThe company, based in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park, develops biological and trait products for crop protection from naturally occurring microbes. Agbiome has a fungicide product, Howler, that’s registered with the Organic Materials Review Institute.

AgBiome’s commercial team is focused on product development, and distribution of its first biological fungicide Howler, a revolutionary biofungicide that harnesses the power of the plant microbiome with multiple modes of action that provide preventive, long-lasting activity on a broad spectrum of soilborne and foliar diseases.

The company welcomed four individuals:

Patrick Haughton joins AgBiome as a vice president, Head of Business Development for Food Value Chain. In this role, Patrick will build awareness of and drive demand for AgBiome’s products among target brands, retailers, and consumers.

Gustavo Marcos joins AgBiome as a product manager, focused on optimizing Howler’s distribution and commercial strategy execution. Gustavo comes to AgBiome with a wealth of experience in research, sustainable technologies, and global development.

Stephen Pryor joins AgBiome as an agronomist, specializing in organic agriculture. Stephen will provide technical support and education for use of AgBiome products in organic production systems.

Frank Spadafora joins AgBiome as head of production. In this role, Frank will manage the production of Howler and AgBiome’s growing product pipeline. Frank brings over 30 years of manufacturing experience in the food industry from designing production lines, process improvement, technology scale-up, and product roll out.

“Our new hires are bringing with them a wealth of experience across the food industry and we are thrilled to have them on our team,” Toni Bucci, AgBiome COO, said in a news release. “We are living our mission to innovate and launch naturally-derived crop protection products that enhance the global crop protection and responsible food production.”

Above, AgBiome’s headquarters in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park.


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