New OMRI-listed adjutivant, Xena Spreader-Sticker, debuts

Westbridge Agricultural Products announced Oct. 9 that Xena Spreader-Sticker has been listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute and Washington ... more »

Study tackles sustainable ag mulch

Farmers often need to regulate soil temperature, reduce weeds and minimize water loss. Agricultural mulch can help farmers do so. But the plastic i... more »

In trials, OMRI-listed adjuvant reduces the rate of organic herbicides needed

Attune Agriculture recently made public results of trials for its OMRI-listed adjuvant, Ampersand. Ampersand can reduce the use rate of organic her... more »

Organic farms hurt by wildfire qualify for California Certified Organic Farmers’ financial help

The  California Certified Organic Farmers' (CCOF) Foundation is poised to help organic farmers recover from the unprecedented wildfires burning acro... more »

Research into efficacy of organic fertilizer for tomatoes funded

Organic tomato growers use cover crops and compost to build fertility; however, these practices don’t always provide sufficient soil nutrient availa... more »

Oct. 1 deadline for commenting at NOSB fall meeting

The National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) is taking public comments for its Fall 2020 Meeting, set for late October. Written comments and reques... more »

Paper-based, compostable packaging trend underway in Europe

The packaging industry is facing rapid change, and nowhere was this more evident than at Fruit Logistica 2020 in February, where sustainable packaging... more »

Playing it safe: Aligning organic production with the Food Safety Modernization Act

Growing organic fruit and vegetables that are typically eaten fresh requires farmers to follow sound practices that take crop health and food safety i... more »

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