Oct 11, 2018
More educational session speakers for Organic Grower Summit
Gary Pullano

The second of six educational sessions finalized for the 2018 Organic Grower Summit will focus on managing the challenges of plant health in organic production systems. “Managing Organic Production Systems to Promote Plant Health” will feature organic industry experts in plant health offering a discussion on maintaining plant health without the use of synthetic inputs to enhance plant nutrition or control pests and disease.

The 50-minute long educational session will address current research on organic crop fertility management practices, and organic strategies for managing insect pests and diseases. Organic industry leaders will discuss new agronomic tools and organic products available to organic growers, as well as ecologically-based approaches to disrupt pest and disease cycles and improve plant health.

Clockwise from top left: Brise Tencer, Ehsan Toohi, Tim Schultz, Pam Marrone

Panelists for the session include:
Moderated by:
Brise Tencer, executive director, Organic Farming Research Foundation

Featured Speakers:
Ehsan Toosi, director of research and development, True Organic Products
Pam Marrone, founder and CEO, Marrone Bio Innovations
Tim Schultz, vice president of research and development, Lundberg Family Farms

“In our national survey of organic farmers, pest and disease management emerged as a top priority, along with soil health,” said Brise Tencer, executive director at OFRF. “There’s a wealth of new research available that addresses the unique challenges facing organic farmers and ranchers, and we are excited about the opportunity to get the latest information and resources out to more producers.”

The Organic Grower Summit, a joint production between California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) and Organic Produce Network (OPN), brings together organic growers, producers and processors for two days of education, information and networking opportunities with organic production supply chain and service providers.

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