Dec 20, 2023
ProGro BIO completes microbial crop trial program

ProGro BIO has completed its 2023 microbial crop trial program. The program extensively tested the efficacy of ProGro BIO’s cornerstone microbial soil inoculant, Rhizol, across 15,000 acres of crops in 23 states and involving 375 plots.

Participants included dozens of crop consultants and more than 100 farmers who applied Rhizol to their 2023 plantings. Crop targets in the program included sweet potato, onions, tomatoes, as well as field corn, wheat, soybeans, cotton, rice, sugar beets and hemp.

“We are very pleased with the results now coming in from our expansive crop trial program this year”, Blake Young, chairman and CEO, said in a news release. “With over 45% of our trials now reporting results, there is no doubt that Rhizol can deliver a solid ROI to growers by enabling improved plant emergence and early season vigor, improved foliar development and vegetative growth, and increased harvest yields.”



Rhizol is an all-natural, 100% organic soil inoculant developed over many years and delivers a powerful combination of 35 probiotic microbes to soil. The product, delivered through a new fully soluble powder or microbial-infused agricultural talc, provides a wide range of application methods and flexibility for the grower. Rhizol promotes the growth of vibrant root systems, reforms and revitalizes soils, enables faster and more efficient release of soil-bound nutrients, and sustains plant growth, flowering, and yield, according to the release.

“Farmers have been particularly impressed with the ease of use of Rhizol during this 2023 crop trial program”, Ray Hurt, president of Hurt Seed Co., and advisor to ProGro BIO, said in the release. “This powerful microbial powder delivered by ProGro BIO clearly eliminates the handling and shelf-life challenges of other liquid-based microbial solutions on the market today. Most importantly, growers have been very pleased with increased yields that Rhizol is stimulating in their farming operations”.

ProGro BIO is an AgTech microbial sciences company that produces a new, all-natural organic microbial soil inoculant, Rhizol, that is delivered in an efficient fully soluble powder form. Rhizol contains an advanced formulation of probiotic microbes and has efficacy in restoring soil ecosystems and enhancing biodiversity, according to the release. The company works to change agribusiness by improving soil health through natural microbial soil inoculation.


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