Oct 3, 2022
Organics Unlimited wraps up GROW Month

Organics Unlimited has wrapped up GROW Month, when retailers celebrate how the GROW program positively impacts underserved communities in banana growing regions of Mexico and Ecuador through the sale of GROW label organic bananas.

Recent storms and earthquakes that rattled rural banana growing regions are a reminder that natural disasters can strike at any time. Having programs in place like GROW which can step in at a moment’s notice to provide disaster relief adds an additional layer of support for banana growing communities where poverty rates are often high.

The GROW Program goes beyond a “fair deal.” In addition to ethically sourcing product and paying fair prices to growers, GROW supports youth educational programs, health clinics, dental and vision care in Mexico, clean water and early childhood education programs in Ecuador, and environmental initiatives in addition to the aforementioned disaster relief.

Education is key to providing a better way of life for underserved communities and the GROW Scholarship Program is making a positive impact for children in settings like Cerro de Ortega in Mexico, a community that is home to many GROW Scholars. Poverty and wealth inequality are significant challenges in Mexico. About 18% of the country lives in extreme poverty and in rural communities the school dropout rates, absences and grade repetition are serious problems.

Kids are often encouraged to start contributing to family finances rather than continuing school. School often means more expenses such as internet access, uniforms, school supplies and commuting. The GROW Scholarship program is administered in conjunction with Project Amigo and helps families learn about the value of education while allowing children a pathway for a better future early on.

The retention rate for those proceeding to middle school is 87% compared to 65% for those who do not participate in the program. Similarly, students from Cerro de Ortega who have been supported through GROW show a higher level of advancement to university than any other area of the state.
GROW Scholars gain a valuable education that will allow them to chase their professional dreams of being accountants, architects, business owners, doctors, graphic designers, psychologists, teachers, and more.

This investment in education now will provide an improved quality of life for students, their families, and the communities where these kids grow up. That educational support has allowed previous GROW Scholars the opportunity to become doctors in their towns that previously didn’t have one and others to start small local businesses that thrive and are woven into the fabric of those communities. Social responsibility efforts like GROW by Organics Unlimited positively impact the most local level of society – it becomes a total game changer for many people.

For over 17 years, GROW by Organics Unlimited has led the way in the ethical sourcing of organic bananas. GROW organic banana purchases, along with retailer and distributor support, have provided over $3 million in aid since 2005. A percentage derived from the purchase of each box of GROW organic bananas is earmarked for the GROW fund.

Shoppers who prioritize making positive social change and always doing what is best for the environment can take comfort in knowing that when they purchase GROW bananas, they are living those values. Organics Unlimited GROW label organic bananas are fairly traded, and environmentally responsible. By choosing GROW, customers are supporting small growers, fostering education in banana growing communities and championing the health of consumers and communities where GROW label organic Cavendish bananas are grown.

For more information about Organics Unlimited or GROW bananas, please visit www.organicsunlimited.com.

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