Jun 6, 2023
Organic production ramping up in West, Southeast
Organic Produce Network

The Organic Produce Network’s early June supply report shows that organic fruit and vegetable production is picking up with stone fruit in California and vegetables in the southeast and west, although shipping points are seeing blueberries in limited supply.

California stone fruit

Organic cherries are in steady supply, and all signs point to a peak in early June. Prices are high, but will come down, with some promotional opportunities in June. Organic yellow and white peaches and nectarines are ramping up and should move from sporadic supplies to good, steady volumes throughout June. Organic apricots are in season, but supplies are spotty and high prices to start. Organic plums and early pluots will arrive in early to mid-June.

Cauliflower and Broccoli

Organic cauliflower conditions in California have vastly improved, with expected strong supplies and promotional opportunities in June. Quality will remain nice as availability and pricing improve. Organic broccoli and broccoli crowns finished in North Carolina following Memorial Day. Production from California remains consistent and will be the main source of products beginning in early June.


New crop organic grape and cherry tomatoes out of Georgia have started and organic grape tomatoes from Mexico will be available starting in early June. Organic Roma tomato prices are expected to increase slightly into June on outstanding quality and steady availability. Greenhouse organic tomatoes from Quebec will be in good supply and quality for early June. Among varieties available are organic Beefsteak, cluster, Cocktail, and cherry on-the-vine.


Mexican organic mango volumes are promotable, with growers beginning to transition further north. Organic ataulfo Honey mangoes have finished for the season in southern growing areas. Organic Hass avocado volumes are looking good in early June from Mexico, and pricing should remain. Equal Exchange Fair Trade fruit will be limited as production is in the final weeks of the season. Expect rich, high oil content fruit to close the season. Organic pineapple supplies from Costa Rica have been good, and quality has been excellent.

Photo courtesy of Organic Produce Network.


Organic celery remains limited from California and Mexican supplies continue to fill the void left due to weather related shortages. Products grown in Santa Maria, California, began in late May. Expect prices to remain elevated into mid-June as volume builds.


Organic color bell pepper supplies from Canada has quickly tightened, because yields have fallen on all varieties and prices have begun to increase. Expect supplementary products from Holland to help fill the shortages. Organic green peppers remain limited; supplies from Georgia are available, but yields remain limited. Additional production from California is available at an elevated price.


Organic watermelons from Mexico show exceptional quality on newly harvested fruit. Organic mini watermelon harvest volumes are improving daily as new production begins. Fruit is sizing larger on the new harvests and quality has been exceptional. Organic cantaloupes are in good supply from Mexico and Southern California, with plentiful supplies going forward. Organic honeydews are gapping but will ramp back up with new crop fruit in early June. Organic variety melons will also be available in June.

Photo courtesy Organic Produce Network.


Organic strawberry prices will be promotable out of Baja, Mexico, and California. Baja is starting to wind down while California harvests remain strong. Organic blackberries remain steady, with central Mexico fields closing and transitioning to domestic crops in early June. Organic blueberry supplies are tightening as wet weather moves through Georgia and North Carolina fields, limiting harvests. California fruit is still being harvested but new areas are delayed, limiting availability as well. New Jersey organic blueberries start in the second week of June. Organic raspberry prices are steady, as harvests and availability remain good, and quality has been very nice out of California and Baja.

The Organic Produce Network supply report is sponsored by Four Seasons Produce.

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