Aug 12, 2022
Organic market update: Week 32

Organic Produce Network offers a round-up of organic fruit and vegetable production for national and international markets.


August is one of the best times of the year to promote Zespri Organic SunGold and Green Kiwifruit from New Zealand, as the fruit is in peak volume and quality. Zespri Organic SunGold Kiwifruit continue to grow in popularity each year, and this years’ crop is larger than last year by about 10 percent. Organic Green Kiwifruit is also in good supply, and while global demand is up from 2021 putting a little more pressure on supplies, promotional opportunities are available. The green variety from Zespri this year should be in good supply well into November.


California Organic Fresh Figs are in great supply as production picks up for August and early September. Organic Black Mission Figs will be available for the first time in early August, along with Green Sierra and Brown Turkey Figs. Organic Dragon Fruit (red skin with white flesh and red skin with magenta flesh) is available from Mexico, and more affordable than most times of the year, including a new program on beautiful 10lb cartons. Organic Yellow Skin Pitahaya Dragon Fruit from Ecuador will come back into season later in August.


Organic Hass Avocado Flor Loca supplies are steady from Mexico, and Equal Exchange Organic Fair Trade Hass Avocados are also in excellent supply for early August. Organic Green Skin Avocados from Florida are in full production as well.


Organic Green Leaf, Red Leaf and Romaine Lettuces remain in good supply from both California and Quebec. Quebec’s crop is yielding strong harvest numbers and remains promotable, while California has seen supplies tighten to start August. The combined crop yield from both regions will remain stable in August, however slight price increases are to be expected as reduced California supply will put a strain on the overall market. Organic Romaine Hearts and Iceberg Lettuce are in strong supplies. Pricing is not promotable at this time but is better than average in August.


Organic Broccoli from California remains in steady supply with reasonable prices, however subpar quality from some shippers have arisen in early August. Organic Broccoli Crowns still remain in tighter supplies than bunched broccoli, however no shortages are expected. Quebec supplies are gapping until mid to late August before the next plantings are ready to harvest.


Organic Cantaloupes and Honeydew from California are in good supply with excellent quality, with promotable pricing on Organic Honeydew available. Organic Galia Melons continues to be in season. Organic Seedless Watermelons remain unavailable out of CA, with Organic Watermelons from PA expected to start this week, but availability will be light. Organic Mini Seedless Watermelon production in new areas of CA starts soon. Sizing remains on the larger side leading to heavier 6ct availability. Quality has been excellent.


New crop California Organic Bartlett Pears are now in season with light volumes trickling in. Expect excellent supplies by the end of August out of both California and Washington. California Organic Bosc Pears should be arriving in early August in a very limited supply, with Washington production starting in mid-September. California Organic Asian Pears are also back in season!


Organic Blueberry prices are promotable out of Washington right now. Quality has been excellent, and supplies are good. Organic Raspberry prices remain steady, as California production continues, and Baja has started harvesting. Organic Blackberry production is beginning to ramp up in California, with excellent quality. Expect better supplies and some promotional opportunities as August progresses. Organic Strawberries are extremely tight, and pro-rates are expected until mid-August. Plants are not producing enough to meet demand due to the high heat. Overall, quality has been fair.

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