May 19, 2022
Organic Market Update: Week 20
Organic Produce Network

Organic Produce Network offers a round-up of organic fruit and vegetable production for national and international markets.

Peak Season Blackberries and Raspberries

Organic Blackberries are promotable out of Mexico and California, as quality has been outstanding, and supplies continue to flush. Organic Raspberry pricing will also remain promotable on product out of California and Mexico. Volume will remain steady, and quality has been excellent. Organic Blueberry pricing is steady out of Georgia, California, and Mexico, with quality rated as excellent. By the end of May, volumes will start to improve with new harvests producing more for peak season. New Jersey is also slated to begin blueberry production mid-June. Organic Strawberry pricing remains steady with excellent volume out of California. Quality has improved as new crops from Watsonville and Salinas continue to come on. Sizing has been excellent and fruit very flavorful.


Organic Green Bell Peppers are available as the Coachella growing region in California has begun spring harvest, with Georgia production on the horizon. Pricing is expected to remain elevated with the season just beginning; however, as volume improves so will pricing. Organic Color Bell Peppers from Canada and Holland are in light supply after a flush of production earlier in the month. Mexican supplies are winding down and plant cycles in Canada and Holland have contributed to the lighter supplies. Expect conditions to remain tight through May before improving in June. Organic Mini Sweet Peppers are available in Mexico; however, supplies are becoming more limited and price increase are occurring.

Stone Fruit

Organic Cherries are now in season from California, with steady demand. Pricing is on the high side and with damage to the Bing crop there may be light supplies at the end of May before the Washington crop gets started. California Organic Apricots have been hampered by the cold weather and supplies will be lighter this year until Washington kicks in with their new crop in June. Organic Yellow Peaches are now in season and volumes will ramp up in coming weeks from California. Organic White Donut Peaches will be available on some of the early varieties, as well as the very first Organic Yellow Nectarines.

Broccoli and Cauliflower

Organic Broccoli from California continues to harvest consistent volumes, while pricing remains aggressive, and quality has been strong. Organic Cauliflower from California has quickly seen supply volumes tighten after a few weeks of promotability. Due to the extra demand, pricing has started to rise. Organic Cauliflower pricing is expected to remain elevated throughout May.


The first new crop Mexican Green and Red Grapes are expected to be in stock just in time for Memorial Day selling. An excellent crop is expected, followed by a strong crop of California fruit.


Organic Roma Tomatoes are in steady supply from Mexico with nice quality. Organic Round Tomatoes out of Canada are coming on with heavier volume and better pricing. Quality has been outstanding, and pricing is expected to ease by the end of May. Organic Tomato Clusters pricing is expected to remain steady through May, as quality has been great on product from Canada and Mexico. Organic Grape Tomatoes from Florida are done for the season and will transition to Georgia fields by late May or early June.


Organic Gala Apples have transitioned to excellent new crop fruit out of Chile, with some New Zealand fruit expected towards the end of the month. New crop Organic Braeburn Apples out of New Zealand are also expected to arrive toward the end of May pending any port delays. Organic Fuji, Granny Smith, and Pink Lady Apples out of Washington are starting to dwindle and pricing is on the rise as the transition to imports out of Argentina, Chile, and New Zealand begins the end of May and into early June. Organic Gold Delicious will finish for the season by the end of the month, while Organic Honeycrisp out of Washington are in excellent supply and quality has been holding strong. This should continue until early June when a transition to of imports out of New Zealand occurs.

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