Jul 13, 2023
Lucent Bio fertilizer system receives patent approval

Crop nutrition provider Lucent Bio has received patent approval for a new biodegradable nutrient delivery technology that enables sustainable agriculture practices.

Using water-insoluble biopolymers, the patented technology (US Patent No. 11,691,928) fundamentally reimagines the delivery of nutrients to provide a next-generation alternative for crop nutrition, according to a news release.

“This transformative technology signals a new era in the agricultural industry, advancing global practices with the promise for future investment,” Lucent officials said in the release. “This technological breakthrough is backed by rigorous scientific research and validation, marking a pioneering stride in the agri-tech industry.”

Lucent BioSciences Logo“This patented technology redefines the concept of sustainable farming, by providing a fertilizer solution that is more efficient, environmentally responsible, and providing a better ROI for the farmer,” Peter Gross, chief technical officer, said in the release. “We are proud to have reached this milestone that places Lucent Bio at the forefront of agri-tech fertilizer innovation.”

The patented technology will be harnessed through AGT Soileos in western Canada, a joint venture between Lucent Bio and AGT Foods. The partnership is designed to leverage the collective expertise to support farmers in enhancing crop performance while prioritizing the long-term stewardship of natural resources, according to the release.

“The continued collaboration between AGT and Lucent is flourishing,” Murad Al-Katib, AGT Foods’ president and CEO, said in the release. The company is nearing completion of the manufacturing facility in Saskatchewan, which will be the first of several global facilities bringing the smart fertilization solutions to local farmers,” he said in the release. “This patent is a milestone in the progression of commercializing Soileos,” Al-Katib said in the release.

“At Protein Industries Canada, we recognize the potential of plant-based food and ingredients to help revolutionize the global food system,” Bill Greuel, CEO of Protein Industries Canada said in the release. “The partnership between Lucent Bio and AGT Foods is a prime example of how Canadian companies, supported by the Global Innovation Cluster program, are collaborating to help solve some of the most pressing issues facing the agriculture and food sector with the commercialization of new products.”

Lucent Biosciences works to change crop nutrition. The West Vancouver, British Columbia-based crop nutrition provider develops products designed to accelerate sustainable agriculture through crop nutrition that improves yield and soil health while sequestering carbon. Lucent creates sustainable bioactive crop nutrition products for regenerative agriculture.

AGT Food and Ingredients is a Saskatchewan-based global leader in plant-based proteins and value-added processing of pulses, grains, staple foods and ingredients for export and domestic markets.

AGT Soileos is a collaborative venture between AGT Foods and Lucent Bio, focusing on sustainable crop nutrition solutions. Using co-products from food processing, such as pea, lentil, and oat hulls, AGT Soileos creates eco-friendly nutrients.

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