Feb 18, 2021
Large grower Revol Greens marketing proprietary organic fertilizer

Large-scale indoor greens grower Revol Greens recently rolled out a proprietary plant-based organic nutrient its marketing as “the next step in a nationwide organic greenhouse program.”

The newly developed Plant Fed organic fertilizer is fueling Revol’s product lines, which includes USDA-certified Organic Spring Mix, Green & Red Duo and Romaine Crunch.

“The path to organic is a natural evolution for Revol Greens,” Mark Schulze, CEO at Revol Greens said in a news release. “Our high technology facilities are designed to optimize Mother Nature while eliminating the need for pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides. The plant-based, natural fertilizer developed by our research and development team is an extension of our goal to provide the healthiest, most natural leafy greens to our customers. We’re proud of this significant innovation for our industry and our ability to expand more of our heathy leafy green products made from our Grown Clean and Green process to American tables.”

In developing the plant-based fertilizer, Revol considering the risks of food-borne illnesses associated with animal byproducts.

“This new organic nutrient source means that our lettuce is fed by plants. We’ve devoted years of research and testing to perfect this solution,” Marc Vergeldt, R&D director at Revol Greens said in the release. “We are the first grower – indoor or outdoor – to use such a source at scale.”

Unlike organic and conventional outdoor-grown “triple washed” lettuce, no chemical cleaning or chlorine is used in Revol’s organic packaging process, the company said in the news release. From seed to packaging, no human hands touch Revol Greens’ baby lettuces or greens, which further mitigates the spread of contaminants.

Consumer interest in plant-based foods is at an all-time high, which further inspired the choice for Revol Greens to pursue an organic nutrient source. Recent U.S. retail sales data shows plant-based foods outpaced total food sales during the start of the pandemic, up 90% year-over-year, according to a May 2020 report by the Plant-Based Foods Association (PBFA) and SPINS.

Revol Greens currently grows more than five million pounds of non-GMO lettuces annually, according to the release.


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