Jun 23, 2016
Gantec’s Virtue 4 receives organic certification
Gary Pullano

Midland, Michigan-based Gantec’s new product – Virtue 43 natural plant adjuvant has been certified by the Organic Materials Research Institute (OMRI) as acceptable for organic cultivation.

According to a news release, OMRI recently completed a six-month review of the product, raw material sources, ingredients and manufacturing processes and concluded the Virtue 43 meets the rigorous standards for use in cultivating organically certified crops.

The Virtue product is an all-natural, plant based, non-synthetic adjuvant for fruit and vegetable production, the release stated. It utilizes Gantec’s proprietary bioadaptive supplementation technology platform.

“Virtue 43 will help organic growers to produce better and more abundant crops,” said Ric Olson, Gantec co-founder and president. “It contains a rich natural biochemistry that strengthens the plants, aiding them in responding to stressful conditions, such as heat, cold, drought, flood and other pressures. Virtue 43 is a concentrated formulation that is typically applied as a spray at a rate of 3-6 ounces per acre.

Olson said the product was developed in response to customers who were looking for an organic input to improve nutritional efficiency and overall plant health.

Lanny Robbins, Gantec co-founder, is the developer of the proprietary separation technology.

Joe Affholter, Gantec co-founder, is the inventor of the bio-adaptive supplementation technology platform. The technology employs a wide array of plant-based biochemistry to fortify the plant to prepare for and respond to stress, according to the company.

Gantec is a natural products biotechnology company providing all natural products that improve plant health and yield.

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