May 18, 2023
Forecast looks bright for summer citrus supply

Organic lemons are leading promotional opportunities for citrus fruit on both coasts in the coming months.

A Pennsylvania buyer and a California sales executive told Organic Produce Network in its Week 20 report that the summer citrus forecast is bright.

“We will have a good summer citrus program this year,” said Myles Chasser, a fruit buyer for Four Seasons Produce in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. “Specifically, organic lemons have a very good, consistent supply.”

TerraFresh Organics in Mill Valley, California, is also expecting a bumper summer citrus crop.

“We have a great, robust organic lemon crop,” Jason Laffer, vice president of sales, told OPN, adding that the company is expecting excellent summer supplies from California, Argentina and Mexico.

Organic lemons from Argentina, which will be in good supply from late June through late July, are typically shipped to the East Coast. Organic lemons are available from California year-round, while Mexico chips in with some supplies in late summer.


Organic melon production is ramping up in Mexico, with excellent early crop quality. Organic mini seedless watermelon supplies are steady, also with excellent quality out of Mexico, though seedless watermelon supply is tightening with acreage down this season.

Broccoli and cauliflower

Organic broccoli from the East Coast is in good supply from the East Coast. California production remains steady, but prices are higher. Organic cauliflower production is improving, but conditions are unexpected to remain unstable into early June.

Stone fruit

The first Kylese organic apricots are available, though prices will be high until June. The first organic cherries from California are delayed until just before Memorial Day.


Organic cluster, beefsteak, cocktail and cherry-on-the-wine tomatoes are in good supply with excellent quality for May. Organic cherry and rainbow cherry tomatoes are transitioning to Georgia with Florida production finished. Organic Roma tomato prices are expected to increase slightly, with good quality and availability out of Mexico.


Organic Gala and Granny Smith apples have become limited out of Washington, with the first arrivals from Chile and Argentina slated to fill the gap in mid-May. Honeycrisp apple supplies are limited and prices higher.


Organic asparagus quality out of California, Washington and New Jersey is excellent, with fields in Mexico transitioning to new files with promising quality.


Organic blueberries are in steady supply with excellent quality from California and Georgia. Organic strawberry prices remain promotable with good supply from Baja and California. Organic blackberry prices are dropping with rising supply from Mexico, with additional supply and excellent quality from the burgeoning California season. Organic raspberry supply remains tight with the California season delayed by spring rain.

New Jersey and Pennsylvania are beginning to produce organic leaf and romaine lettuce as the Georgia season wraps up. Organic romaine hearts and iceberg lettuce are in good supply from California and Georgia. Organic baby bok choy is now available from Pennsylvania and New Jersey with steady supply and excellent quality.

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