May 5, 2022
Congressman talks role of regenerative agriculture in strengthening food supply
Rodale Institute

Congressman David Scott (GA-13), chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, visited the Rodale Institute Southeast Organic Center, located in Georgia’s Thirteenth Congressional District, on May 4 to discuss the role of regenerative organic agriculture in strengthening the nation’s food supply and to highlight the research being conducted within the Rodale Institute’s network of farms.

Congressman Scott was joined by Jeff Moyer (Rodale Institute CEO), Jeff Tkach (Rodale Institute CIO), CheFarmer Matthew Raiford (co-owner of Strong Roots 9, Gilliard Farms, and board chair for Georgia Organics), Steve Nygren (Serenbe founder and CEO), and several local farmers.

“It was a pleasure meeting with the farmers and researchers right here in my district, who are at the tip of the spear when it comes to regenerative organic agriculture,” said Congressman Scott. “American families rely on agricultural infrastructure for their produce and groceries every day, and it is imperative for our nation’s food supply that we continue to implement policy at the federal level that not only bolsters sustainable farming practices, but also mitigates the effects of climate change.”

Jeff Moyer speaks during an event at the Rodale Institute
Jeff Moyer is CEO of the Rodale Institute. Photos: Rodale Institute

“The greatest benefit of putting more carbon into the soil is that we can actually increase crop productivity and the resilience of agroecosystem services. That alone would be enough reason to make it a global priority,” said Jeff Moyer. “We know farmers are the backbone of our country, and they are struggling in this new paradigm of uncertainty. We have the uncertainty of weather, markets, and supply chains. Yet, we have the tools in our very hands to make change and we need to bring back predictability and resiliency into the farm community so we can have a brighter future.”

“Life begins on the farm,” said Matthew Raiford. “We need to work now to regenerate the soil under our feet, just as my family has nurtured our farm for 6 generations. It’s important work that we can all do together, to make a healthier future for everyone.”

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