Oct 4, 2023
CMI updates KIKU apple packaging

CMI Orchards plans to unveil a refreshed look for super sweet KIKU brand apples at the International Fresh Produce Association’s Global Produce & Floral Show.

This updated look will be implemented across all boxes and bags, with artwork delivering emphasis on the unique flavor attributes and superior sweetness of KIKU.

Photos courtesy of CMI Orchards

Rochelle Bohm, vice president of marketing, said the design pays homage not only to the apple’s origin, but all the things that make it such an extraordinary apple.

“There’s a lot of nods to the details that make KIKU a standout apple,” Bohm said in a news release. “From the mountain illustration representing the Italian Alps where the apple was propagated — as well as the Enchantments of the Wenatchee Valley — to the chrysanthemum blossoms representing the Japanese meaning of the apple’s name, as well as bees for the importance they play in pollinating our apple trees.”

Bohm said several highlighted words and phrases accentuate the notable qualities of KIKU brand apples.

Terms associated with KIKU’s new design include “crisp & juicy.” “vitality.” “power your day.” “taste the sweetness.” “sugar” and “flavor burst.” The KIKU global brand embraces a dynamic ethos by promoting extreme sport athletes.

KIKU-bag-CMI“The marketing approach for KIKU varies slightly in the USA,” Bohm said in the release. “While KIKU is a low-calorie, low-carb, fat-free treat ideal for fueling a hyperactive lifestyle, the apple has garnered wide appeal among everyday consumers seeking sweet, healthy, and tasty options to energize their everyday life.”

Bohm said KIKUs are the perfect choice for sweet apple aficionados desiring a superior Fuji experience.

“With its unparalleled Brix levels, KIKU stands out as the sweetest apple available in the market today,” she said in the release.

KIKU brand apples grow exclusively in Washington State by CMI Orchards and are sub-licensed to Rice Fruit Company in Pennsylvania and Applewood Orchards in Michigan, with both conventional and organic options available.

Loren Foss, sales manager at CMI, says that they’ve had exceptional growing weather with warm days, cool nights, and very little wildfire smoke, producing a vintage crop.

“Thanks to the exceptional weather, we’ll double our organic KIKU volume over last season and see 50% growth in our conventional crop,” Foss said in the release. “We’re also tracking about 10-14 days ahead of last year in terms of harvest timing. We expect to get the full crop off the tree this year with plenty of time to pick all varieties at optimal timing, which should give us an excellent finish, producing fantastic eating fruit.”

KIKU is not a variety name, but an international registered trademark.

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