May 12, 2020
Cascade Organic donates 42 tons of flour to food banks

Cascade Organic Flour 1
Truckload of flour donated by Cascade Organic Flour to 2nd Harvest

Cascade Organic Flour has recently donated another 21 tons of its organic whole wheat flour to 2nd Harvest, a food bank, to help those in need in eastern and central Washington.

Cascade Organic Farms is a family-owned producer of organic flour, organic wheat, organic dry edible beans, and other organic crops. Cascade Organic Flour’s modern flour mill near its farms in central Washington State manufactures high-protein organic flour in the Western U.S.

2nd Harvest sent a semi-truck on May 7th to pick-up the 21 tons of flour at Cascade Organic Flour’s mill/warehouse in Royal City, Washington.

The farm donation in May follows a donation of 21 tons of flour to 2nd Harvest in Spokane last month, in April.

The food bank 2nd Harvest plans to quickly distribute this additional 21 tons of the nutritious high protein whole wheat flour from Cascade Organic Flour to various food banks and thousands of families across eastern and central Washington.

“Cascade Organic Flour is pleased to be able to donate another truckload of our flour to 2nd Harvest, as we know the demands on food banks our continuing to increase during these challenging times, and we want to make a significant and sustained effort to respond to help those in need,” Cascade Organic Flour’s Owner and CEO Justin Brown said in a press release.


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