Oct 18, 2023
California Strawberry Commission releases sustainability ‘snapshot’

The California Strawberry Commission has released a report on sustainable practices being implemented throughout the industry.

The commission calls the report, “California Strawberries: Growing a Sustainable Future,” a snapshot that highlights the industry’s “commitment to the land, people and communities that make growing beautiful strawberries possible.”

Photo Courtesy of the California Strawberry Commission.

The brief report outlines the current state of automation and pathology research through the commission’s partnership with the Cal Poly Strawberry Center. From the use of drip irrigation and integrated pest management practices to supporting the local community and investing in research, the snapshot outlines key achievements in environmental stewardship, economic impact and growing communities.

According to the commission, California grows more organic strawberries than anywhere else in the world, with 1 IN 4 California strawberry farmers growing both conventional and organic berries.

California Strawberry Sustainability pillars

California strawberry growers use a variety of sustainable practices, according to the snapshot:

  • Hand weeding in fields to reduce chemical herbicide use.
  • Mechanical bug vacuums to suck up harmful insects and reduce pesticide use.
  • Releasing ladybugs and other beneficial insects in fields.
  • Using fish emulsion in place of chemical fertilizers.
  • Using drip irrigation to save water.

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