Dec 5, 2022
Bio-ag company STK introduces new hybrid fungicide

Bio-ag technology company STK has introduced a new botanical-based fungicide for pre- and post-harvest crop protection.

STK Yarden, a mixture of tea tree oil and Fludioxonil, is now approved in Turkey for citrus post-harvest protection from rot disease such as Penicillum spp. and in tomatoes for the controlling of Botrytis cinerea and damping off diseases including Rhizoctonia solani., Fusarium spp. and Phythium spp.

STK Yarden, a mixture of tea tree oil and Fludioxonil, is now approved in Turkey. Photo: Provided

Nufarm is STK Yarden’s distributor in Turkey.

“STK Yarden is a great new tool for growers because it protects citrus and other crops during post-harvest, enabling these crops to stay fresher longer with only half the residues of synthetic chemical fungicides,” Nufarm Turkey CEO Murat Borazan said. “This is increasingly important to growers, retail food chains and customers.”

Based on successful field testing, label expansion is planned to grapes for Botrytis; cherries for Monilia; peaches and nectarines for Monilia and pre-harvest market; and eggplant and peppers for Fusarium and Botrytis.

Geographic expansion plans for STK Yarden will begin with Colombia, with the rest of Latin America and other global locations to follow.

STK Yarden is STK’s second hybrid fungicide, said Yair Nativ, STK global vice president for sales. The first, REGEV, is currently used in Turkey and 14 other countries, including the U.S.

STK, founded in 1994 and headquartered in Israel, has operations and product registrations in more than 30 countries.

“We are excited to have Nufarm Turkey as STK Yarden’s exclusive distribution partner in Turkey,” Gilad Reznik Cohen, STK region manager, said. “The Nufarm team is highly expert and works closely with growers to achieve the desired results.”

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