Apr 30, 2020
Alegría, Impact Bioenergy collaborate on organic urban farm system

Erik Cutter, President and CEO of Alegría Fresh and Jan Allen, President and CEO of Impact Bioenergy recently announced development of the Alegría Farmacy food production system.

The Alegría Farmacy is an integrated zero-waste regenerative organic carbon-neutral urban micro-farm system that provides a front-line defense against food supply disruptions, such as those currently being experienced during the coronavirus pandemic.

Alegría’s farms are meant to repurpose unused spaces and can be deployed over man-made surfaces close to where people live and work – the company calls it “tractorless” urban farming.

Marketed as mobile, scalable and cost-effective, the Farmacy integrates existing carbon management and off-grid energy production technologies to deliver superior quality greens, vegetables and herbs within the urban envelope where people live and work, according to a press release from the company.

A variety of equipment from the two companies are involved in the system. Laguna Beach, California-based Alegría Fresh designs and builds zero-waste, solar-powered regenerative organic microfarms employing high-yield soil-based growing systems featuring the SoxxBoxx system deployed within Alegría Farmacy.  Auburn, Washington-based Impact Bioenergy manufactures portable zero waste bioenergy systems that convert organic waste materials into energy and biofertilizer.

“Together we form a game-changing distributed community-scale energy system,” Allen said in the press release. “We merge our anaerobic digester platform into Alegría’s high-performance cultivation (regenerative food/energy/water) by converting food waste into onsite renewable energy and probiotic, toxin-free organic soil amendments.”

Cutter said Farmacy “represents a dramatic shift in conventional agriculture by decentralizing food production to deliver healing food within the densely-populated urban environment while mitigating climate change and creating green jobs at the same time.”





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